What is SILICA+?



SILICA+ is a micronized mineral powder, highly pure and 100% natural which, by an energetic process, potentiates the ionic exchanges between the water and the material.

Composed of more than 98% of silicon dioxide (SiO2), SILICA+ belongs to the silicate family. Silica is about 60% of the earth’s crust; it is one of the most abundant minerals in nature and it is a large compound of sand, granite, and the cell walls of diatoms (microalgae unicellular).

SILICA+ differs from other compounds based on silicon dioxide in its natural purity, its greater surface contact with the environment, its organized structure, and especially its energy transfer potential.


Clay, anti-caking agents SiO2 >99.9%, etc.


Quartz, zeolite, etc.









The specific silica powder used to make SILICA+ is extracted in France, cleaned and micronized into very small particles of 40 microns and verified through a laser control system to ensure proper calibration. The silica is then informed by a specific process of electromagnetic energy transfer.  








ISO 9001:





Free from heavy metals / Radiation free / Melamine free

An innovative technology

SILICA+, a carrier of biological information


The unprecedented action of SILICA+ is based on a breakthrough technology resulting from the physical, chemical and biological knowledge of living systems. This technology is based on the principle of electromagnetic energy transfer on a surface capable of recording this vibrational information and transferring it.

The use of electromagnetic waves is not new; many studies report the biological effects of electromagnetic fields on living organisms. Photosynthesis is a prime example; light energy, which is electromagnetic by nature, allows the carbon molecule synthesis by the activation of the chemical reactions.

The influence of electromagnetic waves on living organisms has been shown by the Researcher and Engineer Georges Lakhovsky in 1920-1930. Electromagnetic waves are used since the 1970s in quantum medicine to treat diseases such as cancer, chronic inflammation and ulcers.

SILICA+ is submitted to a particular electromagnetic field carrying biological information.






How does SILICA+ deliver its information to a life system?


SILICA+ is not the only structure capable of storing vibrational information. Water, an essential element for life, also has this property. Water is actually a wonderful permanent system of collection, processing and transmission of electromagnetic variations from the environment. The energy collected modulates ionic and electronic potential of the water which then transmits its own changes to any other molecule endowed with life.

In contact with SILICA+, water molecules absorb the signal emitted by the particular mineral, and organize coherently therewith. By carrying vital new information, the water is then better able to perform its role in the life systems. This results in an optimization of the ionic exchanges between SILICA+, water and other molecules to enable a faster homeostasis.

Due to its composition of silicon and the specific tetrahedron’s organization of silicon dioxide molecules, SILICA+ has the ability to respond to many frequencies and store a large amount of information on its surface.




Energy liberated in water


Application & Place in feed chain







Bag: 25 kg net
Shelf life: 3 years

 Store in a clean, dry place, far from electric and magnetic sources .


What is SILICA+?
SILICA+ is a micronized powder of silica informed by a particular process of energy transfer that increases the ionic exchange that takes place between water and matter. It enhances the metabolism of the animal and contributes to the oxygenation of the environment.

How does SILICA+ act in the digestive system of the animal?
Added to the feed, SILICA+ acts as a booster of all the biochemical reactions and especially the hydrolysis reaction responsible for the degradation of macromolecules into nutrients. In fact, SILICA+ increases the ionic exchange that takes place naturally during these reactions up to the point of optimal balance.

How does SILICA+ increase the amount of oxygen dissolved in the water?
SILICA+ transmits its vibrational information to the biological system (water-matter) which, as a result of new information, will reactivate the natural process of oxygenation of the environment.

What are the main benefits of SILICA+?
SILICA+ improves nutrient absorption, increases the weight gain of the animal and the feed efficiency in a healthy and sustainable way. SILICA+ also allows for the reduction of bad odors.

How is SILICA+ different from other additives?
SILICA+ is the only additive for animal feed which increases the capacity of ion exchange of the water with the substance.
It differs from other compounds based on silica by its exceptional purity, its specific structure and activation potential.
SILICA+ acts in synergy with other feed additives. SILICA+ helps to increase the effects of certain products such as acidifiers and antibiotics for a more accurate and reasonable use of them.

Can an excess of SILICA+ be harmful?
SILICA+ is a 100% natural product that works at extremely low frequency levels. It increases the amount of ionic exchanges to the point of optimal balance. Therefore, an excess of product versus the recommended dose does not have any adverse effect.
SILICA+ is not soluble in water; it is released into the environment with the feces of the animal and is therefore not accumulated in the food chain. Studies have shown that a very small amount of fine particles can pass through the intestinal wall, much less than the daily disposal capacity of the kidneys.

How should SILICA+ be used?
The recommended minimum dose of SILICA+ is 200g per ton of feed. This can be adapted depending on the species. For more information, please contact our technical staff at your service.
In order to ensure a homogeneous mixture, SILICA+ must be pre-mixed in a 2 to 4kg of premix before its incorporation in the final food. It can also be added directly to the premix itself.

Is SILICA+ registered?
SILICA+ is a micronized powder of silicon dioxide.
Silicon dioxide is a common product authorized in animal feed in most countries. For more information relative to your country, please contact our sales staff who is ready to be at your service.