Our story

Our story is simple, it’s about not using bad stuff in feed, going natural and getting more. The dream began with Jean-Paul who lived in a small village in France. Worried about sustainability, Jean-Paul, dedicated his life to study water, oxygen and energy. After several years of research and collaboration with experts in quantum physics and the environment, his company developed a crystalline silicon dioxide treated by electromagnetic frequency able to stimulate all kinds of reactions. His very first application was to reduce ammonia emission coming from swine production.

His team went from farm to farm at the time teaching farmers and spraying pig pens with activated silicon dioxide mixed in water. It was not long before farmers noticed a significant reduction in bad odors, but they also started to notice something else, something unexpected. Producers told Jean-Paul that the pigs that received his product were healthier, they had a shinier coat and were bigger. Jean-Paul knew that his theory was becoming reality.

Finding Synergy with people and products!

Fast forward several years later, Ceresco, a reputable, international agriculture & research company partners with Jean-Paul. Excited by the potential of this new, unique technology Ceresco hires a team of researchers and industry experts to better understand electromagnetic frequency (EMF) technology and how it can be used in animal nutrition. In 2012, Jean-Paul teams up with Luigi and his talented team to create the new business model to take this technology global; Ceresco Nutrition is born. Today after more than two dozen scientific trials and several publications Ceresco Nutrition has become the reference in EMF; and we have just begun. Jean-Paul with his research and production team is constantly working hard to invent and improve. Our products today can be put directly into feed with other ingredients. We make stuff that works, work better!


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September 2016
Journal of Animal Science Publication
The CRSAD research on the piglet performance has been published in the prestigious Journal of Animal Science.
July 2016
Joint Annual Meeting 2016
Silica+ results are presented by the CRSAD research center director Yan Martel-Kennes to the United States scientific community at the Joint Annual Meeting of ASAS-ADSA in Salt Lake City.
November 2015
Poultry Production Article
Ceresco Team writes a full feature article on the active component of Silica+ - activated silicon dioxide.
October 2015
Technical conference
Ceresco Nutrition gives their first technical conference on the use of electromagnetic technology in animal nutrition in Jakarta, Indonesia.
August 2015
Poultry Science Publication
A peer-reviewed publication on the benefits of Silica+ in turkey production is published in Poultry Science journal in collaboration with the University of Guelph.
May 2015
A scientific review is published by Dr. Wutiporn Phromkunthong from Prince of Songkla University (Thailand) on the effect of Silica+ on growth performance of shrimps.
March 2014
International Livestock Exhibition
The team participates in its first international trade show in Ho Chi Minh City, Ildex Vietnam 2014.
March 2013
Distributor signed
Ceresco Nutrition signs its first exclusive distributor of Silica+ in Vietnam and secures its growing position in the Asian market.
November 2012
Ceresco Nutrition is founded in Saint-Urbain-Premier (QC), Canada as a division of SG Ceresco, a leader in producing, processing and exporting of Non GMO soybean.

Created in 2012, Ceresco Nutrition is born from the desire of three visionaries eager to share their experience, expertise and resources: Thierry Gripon, Mireille Raymond and Luigi Pomponi.

Ceresco Nutrition has dedicated itself exclusively to animal feed and introduces a revolutionary 100% natural product SILICA+, which is based on a breakthrough technology:
The transfer of vibratory ianformation for restoring biological homeostasis.

Earth and life respect

In Roman mythology ‘Ceres’ is the goddess of agriculture, harvest and fertility, worshiped for the abundance and vitality of villages. Since its inception, Ceresco worked with utmost respect for Mother Earth, continually looking to do more with less. Ceresco, through its research & development facility in Quebec, is developing newer and more efficient non-GMO Identity Preserved soybean varieties thus contributing to sustainable growth by helping to maximise every precious acre of land.

It is in this same spirit of sustainability that the new company and new product were born.

SILICA+ is a product extracted from the earth that returns to the earth in the same form without a chemical or toxic change, while helping the livestock restore their biological homeostasis, the natural way.

Our mission, vision and values

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help world market leaders in the animal production industries to rethink the concept of feed by offering them our innovative product. We propose a mineral produced with a unique and technologically advanced procedure of ‘’informing’’ which increases animal performance, improves their welfare and reduces the environmental impact. SILICA+ is a 100% natural product, extracted from earth, insoluble in water, unabsorbed in the gut that returns to mother earth with no pollution, contamination or residue.

Our Vision

Our Vision is one of a better world where all products used will favour animal welfare, human health and the environment.

We will contribute to this vision by ensuring that our product is used as a feed base ingredient by major producers in all 5 continents of the world and that they consider us as the global leader for our ability to bring livestock to their optimal equilibrium. 

We will accomplish this vision by partnering with people who share our vision and values; people that have an entrepreneurial spirit and a zest for life!

Our Values

Quality, timeliness and professionalism as the standard of business

Teamwork and perseverance to succeed in everything we do

Owner mentality in our thoughts and actions

Honesty, humility and integrity with customers, partners and self

Environmental sustainability and respect for life

“Our values can be summarized by one phrase: Doing the right thing, the right way, with the right attitude” (Luigi Pomponi, 2014 )

Our management team

A motivated and competent team at your service

Luigi Pomponi

Luigi Pomponi


A graduate in commerce and management, the visionary entrepreneur behind the unique product SILICA+ claims his leadership role from the trail of successes extending over 15 years. Luigi managed operations at Frito Lay and services at Toyota Industrial in Canada before joining the sales and marketing team as Director at SG Ceresco in 2009. Luigi created the business dimension to the revolutionary concept of SILICA+ in 2012, aptly deriving the title role.
Caroline Decaux

Caroline Decaux

Research & Development Manager

Caroline Decaux holds an agricultural engineering degree and a master's degree in agri-business marketing. She has accumulated many years of experience in the field of animal nutrition and additives. Originally from France, Caroline worked 4 years in Argentina for the group Diana Ingredients, before coming to Quebec in 2010. She is now in charge of research and development, as well as all the technical aspects related to SILICA+.
Bertrand Dufresne

Bertrand Dufresne

Business Development Manager - North America

Bertrand Dufresne, an agronomist by training, is an animal health professional with 30 years of experience in technical services, sales, business development and marketing in the segment of feed additives. He has worked for multinational companies such as Elanco, Merck Agvet, Hubbard Farms, Shaver Poultry and Boehringer Ingelheim. Bertrand is responsible for business development and sales of Silica+ in North America.
Luiz Storino Filho

Luiz Storino Filho

Business Development Director - Asia

Luiz Storino Filho holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering and has a solid experience in agri-business operations specially in support to poultry and aquaculture. He has built his career leading innovative technologies into competitive markets with a focus on animal welfare, meat processing and technologies to improve health and productivity. Originally from Brazil, he started his studies there and further added experiences in USA, Israel and New Zealand. He has worked at DuPont and Bayer AG assisting the implementation of bioenergy system controls and remote sensing before hoping on board with Ceresco Nutrition. He is now living in Asia where he is leading Business Development by helping bring solutions to customers.
Tim Khametov

Tim Khametov

Marketing Manager

Ably assisted by his inherent interests in multiple disciplines and his expertise in design, Tim is the force behind the branding strategy of the revolutionary product SILICA+. Tim’s degrees in anthropology, marketing management and graphic design add polish to the shine in his ability to constantly create new marketing strategies. Tim will assist partners and the sales team of Ceresco Nutrition with all marketing inputs.
Johan van der Elsen

Johan van der Elsen

Business Development Manager – Europe

Johan van der Elsen holds an agri business degree and a master’s degree in agri-food marketing and product management. He is an animal health and nutrition professional with more than 25 years experience in technical sales, management and business development. After starting his career at Sloten BV, Netherlands in young animal nutrition, he lived and worked in Spain for American Protein Corporation Europe and Sloten in Italy before starting his consultancy activity for several Innovative Feed Additive and Nutrition companies in Europe. Residing from his base in the Netherlands having founded VDE Agro Management, Johan is now acting as Business Development Manager for Ceresco Nutrition in Europe.
Michel Verheirstraeten

Michel Verheirstraeten

Financial Officer

A graduate in accounting and management, Michel has over 25 years of hands on, supervisory and management experience in finance. Michel worked 13 years with Roche Bobois International in Belgium and over 10 years within the trucking industry in Quebec, before hopping on board Ceresco Nutrition. Michel will assist Ceresco Nutrition, its customers, partners and management team on accounting and finance matters.
Eliana Torres

Eliana Torres

Export Manager

Eliana holds a BA in Law and a degree in International Transport and Logistics. Her work experience includes various shipping companies and international freight forwarders, such as Protos Shipping. Today, with more than ten years of experience, Eliana is specialized in the field of logistics and international freight, import/export, distribution and regulation in customs procedures.


Ceresco Nutrition is an innovative company offering its products on international markets. As suggested  in our vision statement we are building a team of individuals that want to work towards a better world.  A world where all products used in animal feed will favour animal welfare, human health and the environment.

As a future member of our growing and dynamic team you will have the freedom to express your talents as you see fit towards the accomplishment of our given goals.  At Ceresco Nutrition we foster a culture based on horizontal leadership where everyone has a say. Innovation is a key building block for us and we are leaders in our approach to work-life balance.  With the flexibility we offer however, will come the unyielding expectation of excellence.

Are you looking for interesting challenges? Are you hungry to build something great?  If so join a competent, dynamic team, share the company’s pride and passion, and contribute to the team’s success.

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