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SILICA+ to be used in Organic Meat Production

9 Tháng Năm 2016

Organic_LogoSince its foundation in 2012, Ceresco Nutrition has continued with the vision established by its 3 original co-founders: to create a world of sustainability by respecting Mother Earth and by suggesting different ways of thinking in the animal nutrition and animal health industries. Ceresco Nutrition has developed a novel technology to improve animal health and performance in the most natural way possible, by providing to animal diets a highly pure silicon dioxide mineral submitted to an electromagnetic treatment and called Silica+.

Today we are happy to announce that Silica+ has been approved for organic livestock production in Canada, USA and Europe by Group ECOCERT. With industry restrictions on the rise for such products as blood plasma, antibiotics, copper, zinc and many others, Silica+ has found its place in the new philosophy of safe and healthy feed additives for our animals and the environment.

The Ceresco Nutrition Team is proud to play an increasingly important role in the new world of sustainability and food safety while continuing to optimize animal performance.