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3 Key Articles to Understand the Silica+ Technology

27 Tháng Hai 2017

How can Silica Plus improve your formulation?

What are the benefits of Silica Plus on the gut health of young piglets?

Why Silica Plus is so valuable for shrimp and fish health and performance?

Find answers in these 3 latest articles:

International Aquafeed:
“Meet the Future: Electromagnetic Frequency Technology” (Feature)

“When we take into account the interaction between water, microorganisms, animal and human action, we can create harmony between all these elements. This is called synergy effect. Synergy occurs when combined elements or forces have greater impact than the sum of their individual parts; in other words: 1+1=3. In animal nutrition, Synergy effect can no longer be ignored.”

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Gut Health Special:
“Electromagnetic Technology: A new gut health approach”

“What is the link between electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and the living organisms? Not many know that scientists from various disciplines strived for over 100 years to understand the effect of EMF on living systems.”

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International Pig Topics:
“Activated silicon dioxide to achieve a synergistic effect in pigs”

“In the digestive system of the pig, all biochemical reactions happen through ionic exchanges between molecules. It is known that these interactions can be disturbed by such elements as stress, anti-nutritional ingredients and toxic products emitted by certain micro-organisms thus reducing the potential effect of feed additives in diets.”

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