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How electromagnetic frequencies can improve animal health and performance

6 Tháng Tư 2016

CN074-01-Logo-ildex-subFeed additives have been one of the most prominent tools to meet the many challenges of the animal nutrition industry from reducing cost of feed to improving feed efficiency and animal performance. However, with most of the additives, the nutritionists are only able to put their finger on one wound at a time. If we take a step back and look at the digestive process as a whole, we see that all the biochemical reactions inside the gut work through ionic exchanges. 

The visitors of ILDEX Vietnam 2016 exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam had a unique opportunity to attend this conference to discover how SILICA+ is capable of enhancing the rate of various biochemical reactions by delivering specific electromagnetic frequencies to the gut of the animal. The conference was presented by Caroline Decaux MSc, agr., R&D Manager at Ceresco Nutrition.

Thank you to Roger Gilbert, Publisher at Perendale Publishers Ltd. for covering our conference on Twitter:

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