Technical Conference at EuroTier

17 October 2016

It is with pleasure and utmost excitement that we announce the participation of Ceresco Nutrition within the EuroTier Technical Program. This technical conference will de presented by our very own Caroline Decaux (MSc, agr.) who is the R&D Manager at Ceresco Nutrition. After presenting this unique technology in industry shows and seminars in Canada, USA, Brazil, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia and other countries we now officially introduce it to Europe. Following recent successful testing in France, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy and Spain Mrs. Decaux will share the story and scientific research developed about electromagnetic frequencies in livestock production.

In this presentation, nutritionists, veterinarians and other industry leaders will learn about the history of discoveries that lead to using alternate currents to affect biological functions of living organisms. The conference participants will also have an opportunity to dwell into the particularities of Silica+ Technology, which is based on using a high purity crystalline silicon dioxide, informing it with a certain quantum of electromagnetic energy and then transferring this energy to the life system of the animal. Finally, university and scientific research institution results showing how this technology can maximize the potential of other feed additives will be shown.

We invite all EuroTier participants to attend this engaging conference to discover a new natural approach for improving animal health and performance while protecting the environment.


Conference Title:
How electromagnetic frequencies can improve animal health and performance

Caroline Decaux, MSc, arg.

EuroTier, Pig Forum, Hall 17, Stand A05 

Date & Time:
November 16, 2016 at 15:00