Meat&Poultry Summit – Sochi, Russia

12 October 2016

On September 28, 2016, the Ceresco Nutrition Team had the chance to participate at the Meat&Poultry – Fish&Seafood Summit in Russia. During the summit Caroline Decaux presented, for the first time in Russia, the benefits of using Silica+ in livestock production during our conference “Increase the Potential of Proteins and Enzymes Using Electromagnetic Technology”.

We have received a very warm welcome and lively interest from both the Russian industry experts and the international specialists. With the Russian market being very sensitive to healthy food production, maintaining high standards of meat quality and doing this in the most natural way possible, Silica+ Technology is well positioned to grow rapidly in this market.

Our Team would like to thank the Russian industry experts, state representatives, market leaders and the event organizers for the utmost enthusiasm, trust and support extended to us.