Ioannis Mavromichalis: SILICA+ is the additive of the month

1 February 2017


“Activated silicon dioxide certainly is a novel idea, and as such it merits paying attention… I would certainly be paying close attention to this additive.” is the opinion of Ioannis Mavromichalis, an International Consulting Nutritionist. In his article for Pig International magazine, he fairly states: “There is a good number of experiments that have been conducted with promising results, but there is still a lot of work to be done on the practical side.”

Inspired by the product Silica+, Mr. Mavromichalis has written a blog on the importance of innovation in the feed additive industry and used as the main example the activated crystalline silicon dioxide, charged with electromagnetic energy (Silica+).

Read his thoughts on this new technology here:

Feed additive of the month: activated silicon dioxide

Quite often, I complain about the lack of new animal feed additives. Not this time, however, as I have come
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