EUROTIER 2016: Silica+ attracts media attention for new technology in Europe

21 November 2016

What makes Silica+ technology stand out from the vast array of natural feed additives? It is a synergy product that makes other feed additives work better. It synergizes with nutrients, minerals, acidifiers, antibiotics, enzymes, probiotics and more. At Eurotier the European feed producers and farmers came in great numbers to the Ceresco Nutrition booth, situated in hall 23, to inquire about product for trials at their farms, with their premixes and feed. The company president Luigi Pomponi who held several meetings with companies from Germany, Holland, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Greece and Poland said, “humbly speaking, we think we have a technology for improving any kind of feed formula available today on the market. For the past 5 years, we have tested Silica Plus in Europe, Asia and America and are seeing very similar results in diverse conditions. Today we know that Silica Plus is a unique, natural and safe product that is beneficial to the famer, the animals and the environment”.  We are hopeful that the news spreads quickly so that the world as a whole can benefit and be healthier in many ways.

In addition to commercial interest, scientific data was well received during the conference presented by Ceresco Nutrition’ R&D Manager Caroline Decaux. The conference was well attended and media representatives from WATT Media, Perendale Publishers and Positive Action Publications were present to cover the seminar. The conference was followed by the bi-annual networking cocktail that Ceresco Nutrition holds at their booth for partners and clients.