All About Feed on SILICA+: Water’s role in enzyme activity in the animal gut

21 April 2016

CN074-03-Image-2During the 20th century, scientists such as Luc Montagnier (Nobel prize winner) have demonstrated that water is able to store and transfer electromagnetic signals. In fact, water structure, due to its hydrogen bonds, can be affected by electromagnetic fields and keep the acquired frequency for extended periods. By acquiring a specific organisation, water molecules are able to affect the rate of the biochemical reactions involved in the digestive process.

Based on this new discovery, animal nutrition company Ceresco Nutrition (Quebec, Canada) has developed a proprietary technology capable of transferring specific biological frequencies to the animal’s digestive system by using crystalline silicon dioxide as a carrier, thus increasing the rate of enzymatic reactions that occur in the gut. This new kind of activated mineral is called Silica+.


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